• Assess the Arrangement of your sign-in address.
  • It should look something similar to Make sure to use your organization credentials, maybe not your Skype Name or Microsoft account.
  • Your sign-in address could be different in the arrangement that you use to sign into your organization’s community.
  • You might be asked for a user ID and a sign-in address. For most organizations, these two will be exactly the same, so put in your user ID in the two boxes.
  • If you recently changed your password, you may have to re-enter your password in Skype for Business.

NOTE: If you are signing into Skype for Business for the first time, then input your Office 365 user ID, clicks on Sign In, put in your password, and click on Sign In again.

  • About the Skype for Business sign on screen, click Publish my sign-in information.

NOTE: If you are stuck in “Contacting server and signing up,” click on Cancel Sign-In.

  • From the window which appears, click Yes.
  • Beneath Password, put in your password, and then click Sign In.

Consider using your sign-in address and password to sign into Office 365:

  • In a browser, visit
  • At the upper right corner of this screen, click on Sign in.
  • Input the sign-in address and password that you use to sign into Skype for Business, and click on Sign in.
  • If you cannot sign into Office 365, your password may be incorrect.

If you have forgotten your password or it’s no longer functioning, use the Microsoft Online Password Reset site in order to send a new password request for your office technical support–typically the person who set up your Office 365 account for you.

If you are getting an error your clock is wrong, consider updating your computer’s time and date. Follow the instructions on your version of Windows:

  • Visit a website which shows Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Visit Control Panel > Time and Date, and notice the UTC offset to your location.
  • If you want to, then choose Change time and date and upgrade your computer’s clock.

Windows 8 and Windows 10

  • Visit a website which shows Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Visit Setting > PC Settings > Time and Speech.
  • Notice your UTC offset, and compare your device’s time to that shown on the website.

If you have to upgrade your device’s period:

  • Switch off Set time mechanically and tap Change.
  • Update the tap and time Change.
  • Try signing in again.

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